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Composers and performers alike have long recognized
the unique appeal of four-hand duets. Mozart wrote for
four hands; so did Beethoven. The attraction of
four-hand piano comes from the richness of the bass
combined with the intricacies of the upper keyboard
registers. The complex arrangements gain an extra
resonance from the acoustic properties of the single

Four-hand arrangements benefit from the musical
interpretations of both players and allow the pianists to
weave their personalities into the performance. Miller
and Thompson continue the tradition of four-hand piano
with this collection of American standards. Each of the
performers is a virtuoso pianist; their combined talents
result in new interpretations of familiar songs that can be
appreciated by listeners of all ages.

Miller and Thompson bring a ragtime flavor to Joplin's
The Entertainer and Maple Leaf Rag. They take full
advantage of their four hands to create a playful
and hit a "musical grand slam" with Take Me Out to
the Ballgame
. Gershwin aficionados will welcome their
renditions of
Someone To Watch Over Me and I Got
. And the duo salutes George M. Cohan with a
flag-waving medley including
(I'm a) Yankee Doodle
and You're a Grand Old Flag.

Together, Miller and Thompson have developed fresh
interpretations of American classics written over the
span of a century and are introducing this unique piano
style to a new generation.
About the Artists:

A self-taught pianist
, Rod Miller learned to play the piano in the same manner as George Gershwin-by
slowing down player piano rolls so that he could study their complex rhythm. Rod has delighted Disneyland
guests with his distinctive renditions of ragtime favorites for more than 35 years.  Today, the children and
grandchildren of earlier visitors make a point of stopping by the Refreshment Corner on Main Street USA to
enjoy the man with the "flying fingers."

Alan Thompson, Jr. is a versatile artist whose musical influences range from Sousa marches to Joplin rags.
He blends his classical piano training (received at an early age) with Rod's distinctive ragtime style to create
their signature sound. Alan's unique arrangements are memorable, vibrant and sometimes even sassy.
                          Rod Miller & Alan Thompson Jr.  / /  Copyright 2005